Learning French with games.

Pourquoi, Comment, Qui.


Why you should learn with games.

Keeping things fun is a key motivator that always leads to better outcomes! Games also help with problem-solving and memory: essential to language development. You probably have already selected an approach to learn French. We are here to provide additional content that is essential to know and fun to learn, and accessible with just a few clicks.

What we do to help.

We create new vocabulary packs monthly, called 'Themes' which cover relevant topics everyone should know. You can use them right away and customize them with collections. They are automatically integrated with all the games, tools and printable worksheets. We also build new games, classroom tools, printable worksheets and online escape games for all levels and ages.

What makes this platform different.

Important quality content ready to use through games.

We give you selected and important quality content that you can use right away to teach and learn, and also customize and share with students for free. We also give you the tools to build your own content with graphics and audio. Everything you do is immediately integrated into all the online games, classroom tools and printable worksheets.

About us.

We are a small team of native French educators passionate about teaching French culture and language. We opened a French cultural center in a suburb of Houston, Texas in the spring of 2015. We taught French differently through games and fun activities. COVID19 moved us online and we spread from Houston to the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. We're now fully dedicated to frenchgames.online, building new games, new tools and new content, supporting teachers and students in more than 100 countries.