Adventures, mystery and escape games.

Only your wit and your French can help you.

Adventures are a great companion to more advanced learners and a very useful classroom activity where decisions and consequences are discussed as a group, in French! From escape and mystery games to real life situations, online adventures are sure to challenge your knowledge of French to help you progress.

Do students need an account?

Once an educator creates an account and starts a subscription, a unique sharecode can be sent to students to play for free.

You need a sharecode to play because you are not a subscriber.


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Available adventures.

The adventures below use a different game style as we are gathering feedback from teachers and tutors on what works best. Please give us feedback to help shape our next adventures!

So, what is your game style?

We built our first set of adventures using different gameplay styles. Our objective is to combine learning, fun and immersion so students want to play and learn. Finding the right combination between "game" and "learning" isn't easy. Reach out to us and give us feedback about your preferred style, don't be shy to make suggestions! This will drive the development of the upcoming adventures.