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We are a small team of native French educators passionate about teaching French culture and language who wanted to create a fun platform to assist teachers and students on their language journey. We build fun games and tools and leverage technology to help make learning and teaching French fun for everyone, no matter the age and level.

to help educators

because we know what it's like...

Our main objective is to provide you with additional content and tools to complement your approach, by bringing fun activities to motivate students. We want to make it simple for you to generate and customize your content too. All the flashcards, including the ones you create, the games, the worksheets and the tools are all automatically integrated.

and support learners.

... and their parents.

We provide content about key topics anyone learning French must absolutely know. You learn and practice through online and printed games, at your own pace. We're a fun addition to any French learning toolkit, and we'll "keep your brain on its toes" by practicing the language very differently!

Don't spend your time
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Learning themes.

Vocabulary and sentences.

We regularly publish learning themes. These are vocabulary essential starter packs for specific topics. They contain the most important words and sentences to know.

A theme contains between 42 and 60 words with audio and graphics, and at least 120 typical sentences to put the words in context, with audio too.

You can create your own flashcards with our flashcards editor. Your cards include an image, translation and audio, and can be used in games, classroom tools and printable worksheets.

How to: using the themes.

Flashcard options.

For groups and individuals.

Flashcards in a theme come with options to study individually or in a classroom setting. They can be flipped to view key sentences, translations can be shown or hidden, they can be set to 'focus mode' for group activities, and they can be added to collections (more on this below).

Clicking on a flashcard plays the audio. Every card in a theme has a high quality audio used to study and play games.

More options to teach.

From whiteboards to monitors.

A toolbar at the bottom of the theme's page gives access to more options to easily switch between cards and sentences mode, and download additional files. In a classroom setting you can position the toolbar to the left or right of any big screen, as well as hide all options and translations.




All with audio.

Every flashcard comes with at least 3 ready-to-use example sentences with audio. This gives you content to use for games, classroom tools and printable worksheets without the need to create it.

You can create your own sentences for each card. These are automatically available in all games, tools and worksheets too.

Create your own sets of flashcards.

Unlimited collections to share for free.



Mix, create, share.

Make your own content.

Collections let you go beyond the themes provided. Let's say you want to create a set of flashcards about French words containing "père" (father). Simply create a new collection, search all the flashcards with the word and add them to your own collection. If more cards are needed, you can create your own.

Collections are given a unique "sharecode" which you can send to students to study and play for free, without the need to create an account.

How to:  creating and sharing collections.

How to:  creating your own flashcards.

Play. Print. Engage.

Everything is always connected!




Students gain free access to dozens of online games of various levels of difficulty and genre to practice vocabulary and sentence building.

All games work automatically with your collections, whether you are using our flashcards or yours!




You can automatically generate - without any of your time spent in design - dozens of printable worksheet activities to send to students.

All worksheets work automatically with your collections, whether you are using our flashcards or yours!




Simply select a tool to practice vocabulary, time, numbers, and engage the class with content and activities they learned with your collections.

All classroom tools work automatically with your collections, whether you are using our flashcards or yours!

Example:  warm up games.

Example: Fun with numbers.

Escape games and mysteries.

Content for medium to advanced learners.




Challenges for medium and advanced learners include fun mystery and escape games, all in French, where knowledge of French and wit are the keys to succeed!

Once you create an account and start your subscription you can come back here to create a unique sharecode to send to students. This code is valid for a few days so they have plenty of time to play all the adventures and practice their French.

Adventures push learners further with French idioms and the use of tenses in context, through problem solving situations.