Students data privacy

As educators ourselves we very much understand the need to protect students private data, and this platform is built with this in mind from the start.

What information do we collect?

No student data is collected. Students do not need to create an account to play the games or study the flashcards assigned to a teacher's collection. As such they never need to enter any name, email or school identifier to be able to use the system.

How do students play without an account?

Teachers purchase a subscription to unlock the site functionalities. Once subscribed teachers create collections of flashcards which they share with students using unique and private "sharecodes". Students use a sharecode to access a teacher's specific collection. All the games for this collection are then automatically unlocked for the students.

What about the scoreboard information?

Students do not have access to public scoreboards. When playing games with a teacher's collection, students have the opportunity to input a temporary identifier which remains only visible to the teacher and the class. This identifier is used to generate an optional paper certificate (by the student only) and to show the student's score for the game for the collection. This step is completely optional and the identifier used does not get stored for future reuse.


We may change this student data privacy policy from time to time. We recommend you check this students data privacy policy regularly to stay informed of changes that may affect you.

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