Games and tools to learn and teach French.


Having fun learning French, online.

Whether you are a teacher or a learner you need content that keeps French fun! With thousands of flashcards and phrases, all with audio and integrated with dozens of games, tools and worksheets, you have unlimited opportunities for fun practice and progress.

Games, worksheets, tools and adventures, for all ages and levels.

Beginners start their journey with traditional vocabulary games to practice and level up. Moderate learners work on more advanced games including sentence building. Advanced users try to survive our online adventures, escape and mystery games all in French. Teachers use a variety of tools to create content and play group activities in class.

Students never need an account to study or play.

An educator with a subscription can send free 'sharecodes' to grant access.

Simple to use and customizable.


Ready to learn Themes.

Essential starter packs to build on.

Themes are vocabulary starter packs that cover all aspects of life and are important topics to know. New themes are added monthly. They include flashcards and key sentences with audio. They are automatically usable with all games, worksheets and tools.

Your own Collections.

Customized content to share, free.

Create your own sets of flashcards by mixing vocabulary from any theme, or by creating your own cards. You can share them with students so they can play games online for free. Classroom tools and worksheets are also immediately usable with your own collections.

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