The Cultural Tour de France ™

A global competition about the French language and culture open to individuals and groups.

The Cultural Tour de France is a global competition about French language and culture. It is divided into stages - les étapes - each comprised of cultural and linguistic quizzes. An étape begins at a specific date and takes you on a journey from a French town to another. You must complete the étape before the allowed time expires. Your time and score contribute to your overall ranking.

Who can play?

Compete as an individual or as a group (e.g. a class or a school). You must be an active subscriber to participate.

tour de france

DATA PRIVACY. Subscriber participation is optional. School students information is not required, only the subscribed educator responsible for the group can set the public group data.



Join at any time!

You can join the competition at any time from September 1st 2024 to May 1st 2025. If you join late, you can still complete the previous étapes and submit your answers to calculcate your ranking. The final global ranking will be given in June 2025.

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Begins on September 1st 2024