Frequently Asked Questions

As educators ourselves, we wish the site could be free. But we too must feed our children and pay for the cost of the site infrastructure. We are doing our best to keep the subscription costs to a minimum, to give educators and students globally access to fun and different resources to teach and learn French.

About subscriptions.

How much is a subscription?

We offer 2 simple plans. A 3-month plan that gives you time to see how to integrate the site's content into what you do. And a 12-month plan for just $24.99 to keep you going yearly.

How do I subscribe?

First sign up for an account, then go to your profile to choose the plan you want.

Can I unsubscribe at anytime?

Yes. The button to cancel is always clearly visible in your profile when you log in. When you unsubscribe you still get access to everything until you payment period expires.

Can I share your subscription with colleagues?

No. This is forbidden as per our terms and conditions. You can share your collections however.

Do we offer school subscriptions?

Yes we do if there is enough volume to justify it. Please contact us to discuss your school setup so we can give you the best solution for your situation.

About student accounts.

Do students need an account?

No. Never.

It only takes one educator - teacher, tutor, homeschooling parent - to subscribe for all students to play for free. Students will not need an account and will not have to pay to play in this case.

What about students data privacy?

As we never ask for any student data to use the site we're pretty much compliant with every policy outthere. Check our students data privacy policy for more information.

About content.

Can I create my own flashcards?

Yes you can. Our flashcards editor lets you create any flashcard with translation, audio and graphic which automatically works with all the games, tools and prints available on the website.

You can also add your own example sentences for any flashcards (yours and ours) so they too are available in games, prints and tools.

How do I share content with students for free?

As a subscriber you unlock custom collections. You simply create as many collections of flashcards for any topic you want, and send the unique code for each to stuents to learn and play.

How do I use my own content for the tools and printed worksheets?

You can launch any of the classroom tools directly from our themes or from any of your private collections. This works with printed worksheets too. You only need to focus on what students should learn, the how is just a couple of clicks away.

You have a question. How do you reach out?

We would be happy to answer. Please send us a message using the site's contact page.